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IJJI]SuperTastic.dll - Godmode, auto-updating

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IJJI]SuperTastic.dll - Godmode, auto-updating  Empty IJJI]SuperTastic.dll - Godmode, auto-updating

Post  Strike on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:50 am


CTRL + A - Heals you to full HP and AP.
CTRL + B - Enables / disables healing you to full HP and AP once every 10 milliseconds.

DLL does not use static addresses and therefore doesn't need updating. It will work forever and ever.

Still had this on my computer so I decided to add a redirection to & compile it. DLL was packed with Themida to prevent anyone from changing the URL. Usage is very simple, extract the rar into your GunZ folder and run GunZ like usual. The rar consists out of two files, d3d9.dll and SuperTastic.dll. d3d9.dll injects SuperTastic.dll into the process. This is my own d3d9.dll version, so there are no credits.

Don't trust it? Don't use it!

Creidts Goes To : Wizkid

What's New ?
Ans:The Creator Has Just Fixed Some Stuff.

So What's The New At v1.1?
Ans:- Displays whether godmode was enabled or disabled in the chat.
- Fixed some static offsets (ZGame & ZMyCharacter)

It Have Been Tested By Some People Including Me And It Works Perfectly.

Happy Hacking.




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If It's False Positive It's Because Everyone Knows That HACKS are False Positives.

Works For Me No Hacking Or Some Stupid Crapy Stuff.


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IJJI]SuperTastic.dll - Godmode, auto-updating  Empty Re: IJJI]SuperTastic.dll - Godmode, auto-updating

Post  Vietkilla3 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:35 am

thank you


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