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Dark Gunz New Hack!!!!

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Dark Gunz New Hack!!!! Empty Dark Gunz New Hack!!!!

Post  Strike on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:24 am

EDIT:Some say this is patched,* it was released in Dec 07, 08. But some say it still works! i dont know. its up to you now to try this.
EDIT-1 TUTORIAL Link: the Grapics Look Messed up in this 1, but on youtube it looks better o.O the youtube link dosnt work nymore tho i duno why,

Dark gunz Hack, This was tested TODAY Dec 7, After the Maintenance and it works, Smile

Credits Goes to the person that made this witch i dont remember the name.. but...the inector is Omfgz

1) open the injector, Click on Browes in the top, #1, then Look for the dll that comes with this download.

2)For Process EXE bar, Type Exactly liek this WIth capitals THEDUEL.EXE

3) Make sure Auto is checked.

4) open The launcher for darkgunz, click start game, Then a pop should Come up saying DArk.dll has been injected, click OK

5) have fun and dont get caught Razz)


In a Game,Press ALT-C to Activate.
to see that its Activated, you will get a message in the bottom saying its Activated, this goes aswell For EVERY enabled hack, Smile


ALT-C= Activate

ALT-L= Lawn Mower

ALT-M= Isane Massives

ALT-G= GodMode ( it works just fine)

ALT-S= Shot Spammer ( it shoots Sprays Like Renards But liek way quicker)

Alt-N= Attack The person that attacks you with Shot Spam.( sprays automatic to the person)

ALT-F= It follows the Person that attacked you. ( it laggs...)

ALT-B= it Makes the Person receive thoes annoying msges saying Your aunothorized to do this,Leaving them Stuck so u can kill them.

ALT-I= A Long Row of RiceBalls, ( meds)

012468= Teleport.

Smile Well, i hope you like it, i didnt MAke this dll, i just Grabed the DL From somewere, And i grabbed another injector ( called OMFGZ mutli Dll injector)
and just combined them, this had Another File it used another Injector, But i think Omfgz works best, so i made a new .rar file.. Etc..

If this helped you, Feel Free to Click on Thanks. Very Happy ~havefun

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