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Halo Reach on Xbox Live Marketplace for £850

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Halo Reach on Xbox Live Marketplace for £850 Empty Halo Reach on Xbox Live Marketplace for £850

Post  Dizzee on Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:38 am

Yes, Halo Reach is live as a download on Xbox Live Marketplace. It costs 99,999 MS Points (around £849.99) and weighs in at 7GBs - a month before its release.

Microsoft even confirms it's not a mistake and was posted "on purpose and is displayed correctly". But don't get too excited, rich kids. We know a few of you would fork out that hefty sum to get your Halo fix before the rest of the world in a heartbeat, but even if you do have the money, you still can't buy the game.

As MS says in its Support site, items such as these can only be downloaded with a "special 25-character pre-paid token", which are likely to be sent out to the world's games media any time now for reviews (as was done with Crackdown 2).

Don't go jumping to conclusions either - this does not mean that Halo Reach will be available to the public as a download once the game hits shop shelves on September 14. Crackdown 2's been out since last month and isn't a Games on Demand title, as Joystiq points out.

Still though, just staring at the page brings you unbearably close to the real thing, doesn't it?

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