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[Forza 3] Car modding

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[Forza 3] Car modding Empty [Forza 3] Car modding

Post  Dizzee on Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:15 pm

How to mod ANY car in Forza Motorsport 3.


You need these programs:
SQLite Database Browser: HERE
Le Fluffie for DLC Creation

To extract zip files from forza you need quickbms: HERE
And this script for quickbms: HERE

1. Extract your forza 3 game ISO somewhere to your liking and go to Media\DB\gamedb.slt and open gamedb.slt in SQL

2. Go to Data_Car in browser data tab.

Here you should see all the car ID's in Forza 3.

Let's pick for example a Cayman S. It has ID=293

3. Then go to List_UpgradeEngine where you selected data_car

4. Then you look for Overall ID 293. There you have the Cayman S

5. You get the Engine ID from there and it's 47 for Cayman S

6. Here comes the fun part. Now you need to open up Notepad and write:


i.e. UPDATE List_UpgradeEngineFuelSystem SET TorqueScale=1.1 WHERE List_UpgradeEngineFuelSystem.Id=47003;

Here you see that I have changed some values of the Cayman S Engine upgrade 3!

001= Upgrade level 1
002= Upgrade level 2
003= Upgrade level 3

i.e. Cayman S Fuel System Upgrade 3 = 47003. 47 being the engine ID and 003 being the Upgrade level.

7. Once you are finished save it as:


8. Open up a new notepad and write this into it

<table Name="List_UpgradeEngineFuelSystem" />

Here you can see that I've listed an upgrade. Simply write what table you are in.

9. Save it as:


10. Make a new DLC and you're and good to play your newly modded forza 3 .

Tip. Don't use some overkill numbers. Like if you have a number like TorqueScale=1.2 don't set it to something like 120000.

Just place DLC into /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/4D53084D/00000002/

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