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[DARKGUNZ] PVP system mrs hack by amonez(updated bypass)

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[DARKGUNZ] PVP system mrs hack by amonez(updated bypass)

Post  Strike on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:15 am

Well Lets start with the credits.
WizkidjeWithout his bypass most of us hackers will be lost so thank him/her.
A_MON_EZMaking the system mrs.(from scratch).
what this mrs contains.
All Shotgun delays have been changed to 300. and sword delays have been changed to 150.medkits to 350.
Medkits have a clip of 30,000 or more.
all rings hp and ap changed to 30. you might say why didnt i just put it on the beginner ring. because hp and ap goes down preety fast. so its recommended to wear a ring of your level.
MF Upload
UPDATED BYPASS Thanks Wizkidje(remember to delete the bypass in my rarfile.)

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