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Post  Strike on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:07 am

Sourced.dll Hack for IJJI GunZ

Just a basic hack for you guys, fully working with the last update.
Installation: Place the files in your GunZ folder.


ALT+G = God Mode
ALT+L = Lawnmower
ALT+M = Massives
ALT+U = Flipmower
ALT+Y = Lungemower (Must press your flip button for it to work)

Important Notes:
1 - It's possible that it doesn't work with all operating systems, I've only tested it under WinXP. Please test it and tell me the results.
2 - Please DO NOT use any injector other than the one included in the file
3 - If you crash or have any problems, report them in this thread.

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